Whither media freedom?

After 17 years of war, death and destruction, Sri Lanka has enjoyed six months of peace, free from bombs, barricade and the trials and tribulations of active warfare. Various problems have risen from time to time of the ceasefire and been sorted out; some more remain to be sorted out. Disputes that have lasted 17 years cannot be settled overnight. The important issue is that the ceasefire is been maintained, despite the efforts of disgruntled persons trying to upset it. These persons obviously have no relatives at the warfront, have profited from the war, or are hired to raise petty and irrelevant issues when our nations future is at stake.

The latest and most ludicrous statement that has been published is that the Opposition Leader Mahinda Rajapake should "hijack" the peace negotiations from Ranil Wickremesinghe, beg forgiveness from the people for years of misgovernment which has brought the country to it’s knees and then take over the government of the UNF which in it’s six months has had to cope with a bankrupt economy and the gross corruption inherited from the PA still to be unearthed. Mahinda Rajapakse has been asked to stroke the heads of the LTTE so that they will abandon Ranil Wickremesinghe for Rajapakse, who has not been involved in attempts to settle the, problem but is presumed to be acceptable to Sinhala nationalists and the Buddhist clergy. Ranil Wickremesinghe has won three national elections in six months, even defeating the PA at the President’s electorate Attanagalla, the Buddhist clergy have given him their full support, from west to east the world has given him their support, but despite this attempts are being made to oust him, obviously for personal reasons. Thirteen months ago some of these persons made a similar attempt to oust Ranil from the party leadership. They failed, and he won the general election subsequently. Now when the country is at a critical juncture, another inane attempt is being made not only to ruin the possibility of peace, but to bring back into power those who have misgoverned and brought the country to ruin.

It is time we made a note of all these anti-national persons who at the moment of national crisis attempt to promote their personal interests at the expense of the country, which is today receiving international support to solve it’s problems. If this is how media freedom is to be utilised, please save our country from this peril. We do not require the freedom of the wild ass to establish democracy. Reliable criticism is welcome, but attempts to dislodge a newly elected government having majority support and replace it with a rejected government is a flagrant abuse of media freedom.
Hector Abeyesinghe