Meenakshi Ponnudurai

"You are my most steadfast friend," wrote Meenakshi Ponnudurai to me in her last polychromatic birthday card.

Meenakshi was my mentor. In those memorable days, she used to be the official Telugu announcer at the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation in Colombo, while I did my stint as official Kannada announcer. If Telugu were the honey, Kannada was the queen of spices - Kasthuri.

On 22.07.2001, that last working day in her life, before she left Studio No. 9 at the SLBC, she reminded listeners of her tryst on the following day to speak on the matinee idol and great Thespian, Shivaji Ganeshan. Sadly, she never made it. At nine o’clock on the following morn, she peacefully passed on. In her mid-seventies.00000

Meenakshi was well versed in Vedantic lore, and her listeners would sit with rapt attention listening to her interpretation of Yogas and Yagnas. Her delineation of Navarathri, Shivarathri, Thai Pongal and other Hindu festivals, which were here favourite subjects in which she dwelt often, would hold her fans and listeners spellbound. The archives at the Rupavahini Corporation and at SLBC will be posthumously resounding and resonating with her knowledge.

I pray to God to shower her and her family with cornucopia.
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