Rainco recieves quality certification

Rainco have been actively contributing to uplift the quality of the locally manufactured umbrellas for over 20-years since their inception by introducing manufacturing systems and standards. Towards this end Rainco was the first in this country to receive the SLS-1207 quality certification for its umbrellas.

They have been again rewarded for their efforts to enhance quality by obtaining ISO-9001: 2000 quality system certification for all the factories of Sri Lanka Umbrella Industries and their manufacturing processors, which produce RAINCO.

The main factory, which brings out these umbrellas are situated in Kadugannawa, with supporting units at Danture and Mawanella. The Kadugannawa Rainco factory is the pride of the town whilst Danture and Mawanella factories have been recently expanded and modernized to support world class manufacturing practices. These factories are well known landmarks in the two towns.

This certification makes Rainco the first and the only umbrella to-date to receive both SLS and ISO-9001: 2000 quality system certification.

This certification acknowledges the commitment of each and every employee of Rainco Group towards achieving excellence in quality and the commitment of thousands of loyal customers whose encouraging support towards Rainco made it all possible.

(Press Release)