The mimicking President

Most people in any country are normally proud to say that so-and so is their President. They hold their leaders in esteem in awe and sometimes in veneration for the manifestations of their displays in public office. We do not get a chance to meet our leaders or work with them. Our perceptions therefore are based on observations.

Of their action, outburst we define on the audio or the visual medium to make our perception.

Leaders therefore should be very mindful of their behaviour, mannerisms, speech when they use the media as what is portrayed in media would in proportion to the intent of a positive or negation perception. The recent speech of the President in Polonnaruwa therefore is rather a poor attempt at gaining a positive perception.

I do not think that any leader should use such sarcastic and low language as ‘U’, ‘Mu’, ‘Aru’, ‘Yako’ which suits only the uncultured. In Sinhalese it is called ‘Bajareke Basawa’.

Perhaps a lesson from Ranil Wickremesinghe in speech making.

Mimicking physical disabilities is both unkind be it in public or private.

It must be remembered here that when a woman UNP supporter mimicked the president at a rally wearing a patch on her eye-what was the result — her house at Raddoluwa was attacked and burned down. Who did this and who gave the orders to them to do so?

Disgusted citizen