A satanic forgery

In his article "Satan in the Sanctuary" in The Island Midweek Review of 31.7.02, Mr. Ephrem Fernando has repeated the worn-out and long discredited theory of a Jewish conspiracy aimed at destruction of the Christian Church. In support of this theory he has quoted from a document called the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. As it would be uncharitable to accuse Mr. Fernando of deliberately misleading the readers, I can only presume that he is unaware of the true history of the noxious document that he is quoting from.

This key work of anti-Semitism was first published in Russia in the aftermath of the unsuccessful 1905 revolution as part of a deliberate government policy of diverting the discontent of the Russian peasantry into religious bigotry. Supposedly authored by the Zionist leader and intellectual Theodor Herzl for presentation at the first Zionist Congress at Basel in Switzerland in 1897, it purported to reveal an international Jewish conspiracy to dominate the world. Its publication instigated the 1906 anti-Jewish pogroms in Russia, which resulted in the slaughter of thousands of Jews and looting and destruction of their property.

Later research proved it a complete forgery and by the 1920s, it showed out as a concoction of the Tsarist Secret Service. Even so, it was liberally used against the Jews by Nazi propaganda machinery during World War-II.

All denominations of the Christian religion, Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant, have been guilty of anti-Semitism in the past. Anti-Semitism was the most abhorrent and persistent heresy in the history of Christian Theology and practice. We must thank God for Vatican-II where the Church fathers issued an inspired and unequivocal condemnation of all forms of this perverted ideology. Seeing it as proof of Jewish infiltration in the Vatican Council is to sin against the Holy Ghost. Mr. Fernando’s use of this despicable forgery in his anti-reform crusade is most unfortunate and will only help in discrediting his campaign.

Liza George
Colombo 7