Potuhera post office
— a reply

This is in reference to the letter written by Gery Vaidya and published in "The Island" of July 25.

Originally Potuhera was not a sub-post office but a local or rural Post Office with a local Postmaster in charge. That type of postal outlets were few and are no more.

The landlord giving the daughter in marriage to the local Postmaster with the building as the dowry may perhaps be a first in postal history but necessitating the opening of this sub P.O now.

The postmen attached to Potuhera Post Office, I believe, leave for delivery around 8.00 a.m. and it is possible that Mr. V’s residence is situated somewhere at the furthest end of the postman’s walk, which results in delivery of letters to him later than others. All cannot receive the letters at the same time.

Any changes will require the revision of delivery beats and appointment of additional postmen, which has not been done for several decades.

I totally agree with the views expressed by Mr. V. over the opening of the new Potuhera Post Office building. No opening ceremony with the Minister, MPs, PMG and postal officials from neighbouring areas attending, spending a vast sum of money and wasting valuable time, is necessary.

The Postmaster could have done the same thing with the participation of people of the area who are the customers. Perhaps there are now two plaques in the building, one for laying the foundation stone and the other for the opening, with the name of the chief guest, the names of the politicians present and those who advised."

It is best that this ‘plaque mania’ is cured and eradicated. The government should take a decision in this regard.

Upali S. Jayasekera
Colombo 4