Are we being taken for a ride?
The Hope Cancer Hospital Project

While watching the TV news I was happy to learn that there was a project to be launched for children suffering from cancer. There were moving scenes of some leading cricketers and children afflicted with cancer. Limited information of the proposed project was available over the Internet at their web site hope@eureka.lk. Contributions were to be made through Seylan Banks.

Before deciding to contribute to this admirable cause, I sought more information of the proposed project from two branches of Seylan Banks. None of the banks were able to help, except to inform me that they collected the contributions for the Hope Cancer Hospital. They were unable to tell me whom I could contact for more details of the project, or even the address of the Project Hope office.

I finally obtained the address of the office —16A Ward Place, and called over. There was no one there. The office of this ambitious project is located in a small room equipped with a single desk for the manager. There was no evidence of any one else occupying the office. There was no Secretarial staff. I sent a message through the e-mall address of Project Hope requesting information on the following.

The specific reasons for the project. Where was this hospital to be located? The names of the office-bearers, and their role in the project. The estimated cost of the project and the amount collected so far.

I have had no reply to date. Eventually I met the Manager of Project Hope. He had no information to give me. He had no project information available for prospective donors. The only information he gave me was that it was being run by the cricket team! Who selected this "team?"

He did not elaborate beyond that. What is the reason for the secrecy?

May I suggest complete details of the project, together with the names of all the office -bearers involved in this project be published in a full page supplement of the newspapers. This will clear our minds of any doubt as to its credibility.

A. T. S. Paul
Colombo 4