Erotic billboards and pornographic music videos on ETV

Public has made many outcries regarding the above issues through newspapers but it doesn’t seem to get attention of any policy maker and I wonder what the obstacle is. I can’t understand if there is anyone who would disagree including the film and TV producers themselves, that displaying erotic billboards and showing phonographic videos (Mark Anthony’s latest music video) to the public at large including children is socially degrading and humanly cheap.

I wonder if the content of these films are so weak that they are compelled to attract the gallery with such advertisements. If that is the case, the film authority should exercise their authority much more responsibly. As far as erotic videos are concerned, only explanation I have is that the staff at ETV was not conscious of what they were actually showing as long as it was a song from the West.

Sadness of all this is that there may be some children who may grow up with a perverted perception to their young minds from what they see from the unrealistic erotic gestures on billboards or on musical videos. Psychologists has many times revealed that distorting real life to children can often cause great harm to their adult relationships. We rate our films for adults to view but then on the other hand, we open it to the public (including small children) to view the most erotic billboards.

With respect to the music videos, I wonder if the authorities in the ministries and the regulators are ignorant of what is being shown. What is this hypocrisy and why have we let this continue for years? Are we so immune to the vulgarity or have we gone beyond basic human decency that no one has felt it a necessity to address this issue thus far, including our clergy of all denominations?

On one hand, we talk about being a Buddhist country and how we respect our mothers and sisters and then on the other hand, we portray women as cheap sluts on billboards and music videos communicating to the public a total different message. Therefore, I ask that before we fix problems beyond our eyes; please introduce policies and enforce them to prevent the continuous degrading of our cultural and human values reflected through public mediums.

If it is a right of free media to display sexual postures in public, please do it with some taste or preferably in some exclusive area where only adults could view them, like in the West end in London. When these issues are continuously ignored, we will find some media personnel with limited creativeness attempting to push the line further like in the cheap commercial acted by Sunil Perera from Gypsies targeting children.

I don’t understand how we have appointed responsible authorities to manage our education, culture, Buddhism and the film censoring, but I as a public citizen has to personally remind all of them things that are blatant to anybody’s eyes. I wonder, if these authorities were chosen from the deaf and the blind but then on the other hand, most deaf and blind would have other senses and intelligence to prevent such error and protect what is left in our country.

I hope no more explanation is required nor investigations necessary and the respective authorities would take socially conscious decisions regarding this matter.

Anura K. T. De Silva