Enough is Enough!

What people are most concerned today is the cost of living and an early return to a lasting peace.

So far as the cost of living is concerned, the steps taken have not had the expected impact, while on the other hand, the prospect of an early peace is receding firstly due to several hindrances and diversions, with the LTTE making more and more demands — (the MoU being more advantageous to it) the building up of its fighting force by forcibly abducting children, (more so in the east), harassing citizens with extortion etc. as supported by the special report the UTHR (J), even in the recently cleared areas, taxing persons stealthily, bringing rocket propelled guns, going to the extent of man-handling the Norwegian monitors, evidently preparing for war, and further taking steps to establish a government of its own.

This situation is compounded by the growing antagonism between the two main political parties, seriously undermining the necessary bipartisan approach stressed by the Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and also cohabitation with the President. This is acutely manifested in the provocative verbal battle going on between a few Cabinet Ministers and the President with heated exchanges about her alleged squandering public funds for the purchase of a large number of bullet proof vehicles, and also of a handbag, at enormous cost, containing audio video equipment capable of taking pictures in subdued light with recording about which much harmful publicity has been given — a dangerous trend of Cabinet proceedings being leaked out bringing no credit to the country and much joy to Prabhakaran.

Of course, if these revelations cannot be proved, explained and justified, notice has to be taken and appropriate action followed. But more serious it would be, if with strong feelings generated at a personal level despite the Prime Minister’s effort to defuse the situation, it would likely lead to a serious constitutional crisis that will regrettably derail the peace process. It therefore, behoves both parties in best interest of the country to relegate this matter to the back burner putting the country before self.

Tissa Amerasekara