Defending the uncivilized

No doubt majority of the Members of the public would have been shocked when they listened and saw some of the speeches made by leading political figures in the country during the last couple of weeks.

It goes unsaid that those speeches are highly unbecoming of those who uttered them. It was a great insult to those positions they are holding in the legislature of this country.

It will be an insult to some of the watti ammas in village polas if one tries to draw a comparison with their gossip. They may gossip but respect the physical deformities of others and will never stoop down to the lowest level of imitating them.

Now let us consider the position of those who rushed to the electronic and print media to defend those who made those ugly speeches, normally not heard in civilized societies.

What do you expect from such people? Public must bear in mind what they will get in return from politicians by endorsing such uncivilized behaviour, when they are in positions of power. Therefore the voters must not forget this when their turn comes to condemn such acts.

T. Jayasumana