Maintain status of meteorological dept.

I have learnt of the news concerning the handover of a good portion of the Department of Meteorology premises in Colombo to expand the British High Commission Residences.

I am really shocked about the development that has already happened and what is intended to take place. Meteorological observations in Sri Lanka are among the oldest available in the world. Its uninterrupted series of data available is of immense value to the whole global community for studying climate change, which affect the whole mankind.

As the authour of the textbook on the ‘Agroclimatology of Sri Lanka’ and as a scholar who has written 60 research articles relating to the climate of Sri Lanka during the past 35 years, I have often and regularly consulted the Department of Meteorology. I know well from in-depth analysis that the quality of data is excellent. This must be maintained in future. Given that the measurements are already dislocated from the present site, I am deeply concerned about the future quality of data and their comparability of future data with the past data series.

I support all efforts leading to withdrawing the plans to handover the Department of Meteorology lands and to enhance support for environmental data gathering in general.

I strongly request the authorities concerned in Sri Lanka to maintain the status of meteorological and climatological measurements in Colombo without any disturbance.

Prof. Dr. Manfred Domroes
Senior Professor in Geography and Climatology
Mainz University