Please everyone and face dire straits – Aesop

Aesop was a slave in Greece. Perceiving his profound Intelligence his master set him free. Aesop used figurative language simply, metaphor, in devising his fables, all depicting human frailties. Almost all his role players are animals. The fable, the miller and his ass is almost relevant to plan non starter installation of coal and hydro electric power plants in our country.

Aesop relates, one day a miller decided to sell his ass. So he took the ass with his son to the market. On his way, he encountered several howlers who gave stupid guidance in diverse ways as to how he should lead the ass.

The ill advised miller promptly obliged all the howlers meekly by following their directions without questioning and lost his ass eventually. "Oh!

I lost ready cash, without listening to every Tom, Dick and Harry, I should have gone direct to the market and sold my ass. What a silly fellow I am!"

The miller lamented the loss. After examining thoroughly and incurring millions, the engineers earmarked several suitable areas for the installation of coal power plants and hydro electricity schemes.

The howlers invariably raised hue and cry against the suggestions, pin pointing that forna and flora or scenic beauty or humans in the specific areas would be ravaged, if the proposed schemes were to be manoeuvred.

Consequently, the people will have to grope in the dark, grinning and bearing as it happened in the recent past. Precisely, Aesop the satirist deserves a niche in the house of literary fame.

L. V. Cabral