Homeward bound?

The recent high rankings of Sri Lanka in the UNDP Human Development Index has Sri Lankans living abroad rejoicing over how good things are in their homeland, and it gives them an opportunity to reassure themselves yet again, that they would someday resettle in Sri Lanka.

But the question remains whether being ranked higher than Thailand or nearly on par with Singapore is truly relevant to the average Lankan resident.

The cost of living is still sky high, public transport is a mess, the country is almost bankrupt, corruption remains rampant, and the distribution of wealth is as skewed as ever.

To translate a mere numeric ranking into tangible benefits for our citizens is the awesome task facing the government.

Whether they manage to pull it off is for history to decide.

For the moment, we can take heart that the peace process remains on track and that tourists are returning to our shores.

Now it’s the turn of expatriate Lankans like myself to do the same!

Jayaka Nakkawita