Work for it, Anura!

It is most absurd for Mr. Anura Bandaranaike to talk of a PA candidate for an imagined presidential election, which if at all is far far away. Mr. A could do well to work for the party his great father started, nourished by his gracious mother and brought to glory by his courageous sister, who incidentally is under heavy mortar fire from some stalwarts in the enemy camp, who do not pull punches.

These include her former pals. He should get to the village roots of the SLFP and work with the ordinary people. This is a gigantic task and needs humility, honesty, credibility and ability to see from the villagers angle, grass root vision and most of all to admit mistakes and promise to avoid them in the future. He and his fellow travellers rousing primeval passions and promising the sun, moon and the stars and various heroic acts will never convince the now not so gullible public of their purpose.

In fact, their intentions are very transparent. If he wants to be the future President he must first deserve it, then work sincerely towards it, prove his credibility and stop grinning and making bumptious statements which can only harm this great party and loyalist cause.

I am not holding a brief for the leader of the opposition, Maninda Rajapakshe, but I am convinced in my heart he is the man of the hour. "Cometh the hour-Cometh the man".

"Courage brother does not stumble for victory is at hand."

Major S. M. Dunuwille