Blaming each other while the economy collapses

This has reference to Major Dunuwilla’s letter in The Island (2/8) .

He separates Chandrika Kumaratunga and the presidency and demands that both should be respected. But shouldn’t respect be earned by deeds alone? When billions of rupees have allegedly misappropriated and improperly used without proper authority, when attempts are made to squash or hinder on-going investigations, when clever but inaccurate explanations are given to the cabinet, when family bandyism is the order of the day and when funds of the Treasury are at rock bottom due to flagrant misuse and when minister is accused falsely of levelling in allegation against her that she was carrying bombs (which over 20 ministers including the PM flatly deny), are the Cabinet of Ministers expected to ignore such deeds and to turn a blind eye?

In my opinion, the president should give herself No-Pay leave for a few months so that the CID could hold immediate and extensive inquiries in order to bring to book those who have fattened their purses at our expense. One need look nowhere to find out why the economy collapsed — it did so due to the exceses of the then government led by the President, who was no doubt aware of all the fun and games that her government indulged in-ducks and drakes would be a proper description. The irony of this whole unfortunate situation is that these same stalwarts of the last regime, shamelessly come forward to pretend to the public that they are really paragons of virtue.

They should remember that they cannot fool all the people all the time.

Jim Bandaranayake
Colombo 3