La Musique d’Yvonne

La Musique d’Yvonne a musical variety entertainment was presented by the music students of Yvonne Keerthisingha on July 6th 2002 at her residence in Rajagiriya.

The chief guests were Mr. Eraj Abeywardena Executive Assistant Manager, Lanka Oberoi and his wife Angela. The guests of honour were Yvonne’s cousin brother Prof. Dayasiri Fernando, and Mr. & Mrs. H. D. Gunawardena. Amongst the distinguished visitors were Mr. and Mrs. Hemaka Amerasuriye, Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Ockersz, Dr. Marlene Abeywardena and her husband Asoka.

The show was a grand success with lot of variety thrown in. A rare item was six hands at the piano — a trio by three teen-agers Nilushika Perera, Chathura Wijewardena and Suadhiya Faheem. The current hit ‘Something Stupid’ was sung by Ashan Abeywardena and Shamika Cooray. The same duo sung Sinhala song ‘Chandra Me Re’ to the strains of Ashan strumming a guitar. The Sinhala comedy ‘Ayamma Kothana Giya’ really stole the show and the audience was in raptures. Those on stage were Ashan Abeywardena as ‘Mahaththaya’, Nihara Perera as Nona, Nuwangi Rajapaksa as Appu, Nilushika Perera as the frivolous Ayah and Zeenath Noordeen as the baby. The Italian song ‘Tiri-Tomba’ which rocked the audience at the Vienna Boys Choir was sung most rhythmically by a group of boys and girls. This was met with a tremendous applause. The action drill by a group of under twelves was in strict tempo ‘Mau Lanka’ was also perfectly sung by a group of young students all dressed in white paying a tribute to our motherland.

A Chinese dance by Wong Kong Kit was enjoyed by all. Upendra Gunaratne and Nuwangi Rajapakse played a duet rhythmically, also another duet by a brother and sister Chathura & Dasuny Wijewardena was good.

Kathy Cheng young maid who wanted Mikael Hussein the Soldier to marry her was left disappointed as the soldier already had a wife of his own. What a sad story!!. Brian Lo acted fine, being jilted by Asherah Gooneratne in the well known song ‘No John’.

Avinesh Ganarajah’s poem The ‘Scare-Crow’ was humorous. Six year old Ashinka sang ‘Tikiri Liya’ and took the audience by surprise when she dashed the clay pot on the ground and broke it as the song ended ‘Kale Bindala Gedera Giya’. The show ended with the Peace Song. It’s a small world after all with stage lights off and each student carrying a lighted candle. The show was compered by Nihal Bhareti, Director English Service of S.L.B.C. who was so satisfied with the show that he offered an one hour show on "Schools in Action" on S.L.B.C which Yvonne accepted happily and this show came on the air on 26th July 2002 which was most appreciated judging from the numerous congratulatory calls and well-done cards that were received after the show. Here’s hoping that there will be more shows to come bringing out the talents of young students.