Explosion at GMS in Welisara, but no casualties

by Kalinga Weerakkody
An explosion occurred in the premises of the Government Magazine Stores (GMS) at Welisara around 8.30 p.m. last Friday, but nobody was hurt, the navy said.

The blast took place in a separate block in the GMS premises and not in the Navy camp, naval spokesman captain Rohan Amarasinghe said yesterday.

It happened after workers had dumped a large haul of explosive categorised as out-dated. The stock was buried, he said.

The workers who had cleared the obsolete explosives, which had been stored for around 10-15 years, had buried them in the morning. The explosion had occurred in the yard that night, he said.

This explosion might have occurred due to an internal chemical reaction and no damage had been done either to the building nor to the neighbourhood, captain Amarasinghe said.

All the items had been categorised for disposal in three ways which included dumping in the sea, land and burying by the government analyst, he said. The GMS is the sole body which releases explosives and arms in a private capacity.

Security to the GMS is provided by the army while a few navy officials handle administrative work.