ADB funded boost for SME’s

By Shabana Ibrahim
The Government of Sri Lanka together with the Asian Development Bank (ADB) has formulated a programme to create a more dynamic Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) sector in Sri Lanka.

This was announced by the Chairman of the Industrial Policy Task Force Task Dr. Saman Kelegama at press conference held at the Industries Ministry yesterday.

The Task Force was appointed by the Industries Ministry about a year ago to handle the development of the SME sector.

Dr.Kelegama said that the SME industry was one of the fastest growing and largest sector in business.

"We have focused on the international experience of developing the SME sector and drawing from their experiences we have formulated an action plan," Kelegama said.

He added that the SME sector needs "careful nurturing".

"After we gained independence our SME sector has been neglected a lot and we need a programme like this to develop it," he said.

He stressed that the document which is public was open for debate.

Kelegama thanked the Minister of Industrial Development, G.L.Peiris for maintaining the TF even after the changes

"During the year that the TF was appointed we had three meetings and we were in constant speculation as to our status when the Government changed. But I want to thank Prof. Peiris for retaining the TF even after the U.N.F party assumed control," he said.

Kelegama said that the aim of the TF was to improve the conditions of the TF with regard to capital, infrastructure and technological assistance.

He also noted the need to train all workers in this sector.