Wastage of power

Frequent island-wide power cuts during the last few days have been attributed to over-use of generators with little time for maintenance, according to a statement issued by the CEB on 13/1/03. This being the state of the power generation the Ministry of Power should have done its utmost to reduce the consumption by consumers. But to the dismay of sensible citizens the government encouraged a senseless extravagaza of uncalled for illumination of the metropolis for over one month!As most of the consumption was through state institutions like the CMC and only a fraction by private enterprise, the average citizen will be called upon to pay for this either in the form of frequent breakdown or increased tariffs or both.

Some hare-brained politicians have also suggested that they should illuminate Colombo for Wesak too, in a like manner! Politicians with such purile thinking are, to use an apt phrase, trying to ‘gonata andanawa’ the Buddhists as well! It is this type of ‘unliftment’ of Buddhism that so-called Buddhist politicians are only capable of!! The golden ‘Ranveta’ round the Anuradhapura Maha Bodhi is another such senseless thoughtless and illconceived embellishment that will impress no sensible Buddhists!
Dr. Nanda Amarasekara