CBK will use powers to prevent violations by LTTE — Anura

by Kesara Abeywardena

SLFP stalwart Anura Bandaranaiake declared in parliament yesterday that President Chandrika Kumaratunga would use her full powers as the executive President and Commander of the armed forces to direct the forces to prevent the LTTE from violating the ceasefire in the future.

"We are not going to be quiet if the LTTE continues its flagrant violations of the ceasefire MoU. The president will use her full powers which are granted by the constitution". He said that the Defence Minister continued to "turn a blind eye" at every matter raised in the National Security Council.

"The government is ignoring everything in the name of the peace process. What action have you taken regarding child abductions?" he questioned.

Bandaranaike pointed out that President Kumaratunga recently directed the police to act swiftly on child abductions by the LTTE. "The abduction of children is a grave problem. Even the Bishop of Mannar who is a known LTTE sympathiser has expressed his opposition on the child abductions".

He said that the president would use full powers vested on her by the constitution. "May JR go to Nirvana as fast as possible," he said.

Criticising the peace process Bandaranaike said that the LTTE was involved in creating a separate state in the Wanni and the government was playing into the hands of the LTTE. "History has shown that the LTTE cannot by trusted. Their main aim is to establish a separate state of Tamil Eelam," he said.

He charged that the LTTE had laid the foundation for a separate state of Tamil Eelam with the full blessings of the government and Norway.

Accusing Defence Minister Tilak Marapana for "turning a blind eye" to LTTE atrocities he said that a no-confidence motion would be brought by the opposition against him. He said that the LTTE had been smuggling out unchecked boxes through the Katunayake Airport with the help of an Airport Authority official. He said that the official in question was a close friend of the defence minister.