‘Veda Hamuduruwo’ sure to cure if patient turns up early enough

wedasadu.jpg (15946 bytes)When a former director of a government institution was told he needed to undergo by-pass surgery, he almost got a heart attack. For he had even been scared of visiting the dentist as a child. This was when he went to Ven. Dr. Waga Gnanaloka thera seeking solace.

This Buddhist monk however gave him more than solace. He advised the director to take the oil that he makes. "Take it for a month and come back to me," he said.

The herbal oil which is said to be made with 280 herbs, mostly from Sri Lanka, India and Spain, is claimed to bring a miraculous cure to ‘cholesterol problems." "And it does not stop there," said Dr. Sujeewa Vitana who works with the Ven. Waga Gnanaloka. "This oil clears blocked arteries, cures enlarged heart, sets right irregular heartbeats, prevents and controls the growth of cancer, sets malfunctioning kidneys in order, controls and prevents diabetes, Parkinsons’s disease, arthritis, paralysis, asthma, piles, filaria, tennis elbow, bronchial asthma and varicose veins," Dr. Vitana said.

"If ever a patient is not cured, then that is because he or she has consulted me too late," claims this Buddhist monk.

His ‘Veda Medura’ situated at Kiriellwatte, Makola South on the Batalanda road is a jungle of dried herbs. There are many workers, most of them are cleaning or pounding herbs. There are sacks of herbs all over the place. The monk is popularly called ‘Veda Hamuruduwo’.

"My father was an ayurvedic physician. He has successfully cured women with lumps in their breasts with a special pack made of local herbs. After a few days of application, the lump used to fall off the breast like a seed falling off a fruit," he explained.

But now this veteran ayurvedic physician on the path of the Buddha and his learned colleague Dr. Sujeewa Vitana with a B.A. in ayurvedic medicine boasts of newer cures. "Herbal baths and herbal steam are our newest cures. We are able to cure arthritis, other problems of the joints, aching bodies, skin disorders and several other diseases with these methods...." explained Dr. Vitana.

The ‘Veda Medura’ which also produces cholesterol-fighting tablets, produce about 30,000 of them every month. "These tablets have no side-effects but they fight and control cholesterol; they prevent gastritis and other diseases of the stomach. Infact these tablets like our Pranajeewa oil can be taken for general well-being. The wonder of our ayurveda cures is that they can be taken simultaneously with western drugs," Dr. Vitana said.

Dr. Vitana has been instrumental in making several kinds of arishtas and oils, Kalkas and tablets - all to cure in the name of ayurveda.