Contempt of court lands him in jail

By Chitra Weerarathne

The Supreme Court on Thursday declared a litigant guilty of contempt of court, and sentenced him to one year imprisonment.

He was found guilty of contempt for continuously disturbing the court, despite a warning by the court not to do so.

The bench comprised, the Chief Justice Sarath N. Silva, Justice P. Edussuriya and Justice H. S. Yapa.

The Registrar of the court Bandula Atapattu, was summoned to court, and was directed to hand over the litigant, Anthony Emmanuel Fernando, to the prison authorities, forthwith.

Fernando was asked by the court to show cause as to why he should not be dealt for contempt of court, for disturbing the court.

Subsequently, the court found him guilty of contempt of court, and sentenced him to one year in prison.

At the outset, Fernando, attempted to submit to the court, a document said to be a motion, pertaining to a fundamental rights violation plea, filed by Fernando against a decision of the Commissioner of Labour.

The Supreme Court at an earlier hearing, advised Fernando, that judicial orders, do not come under the fundamental rights chapter, but they could be appealed against, in a higher court.

Yesterday, Fernando in his purported motion had cited as respondents, the judges of the Supreme Court, who are members of the Judicial Services commission, to which institution, he had been complaining against the Labour Commissioner and the Ombudsman.

Fernando attempted to head out his purported motion, rudely and arrogantly, much to the surprise of the members of the public and the lawyers who were present in court, at that time.

Fernando is a member of the organisation called Private Lakjana Sevaka Human Rights Protection Organisation.