I wanted to finish it on a high note - Aravinda

Rex Clementine reporting from St. George’s Park, Port Elizabeth
He’s played many an interesting battle for Sri Lanka and has taken them out of the woods on numerous occasions. For more than a decade Sri Lanka has looked upto him to deliver the goods with the bat and he has done it for them. And when the captain needed to break a partnership he looked at Aravinda and he has responded with his tidy off-spin. And as far as the media is concerned, he’s been humble and very obliging and sadly this could be the last interview he gives us as a player, "I hope not. If we go through this we got the final to play and if you are not going to stay this could be the last one. But if not, I’ll talk to you at Jo’burg," he said instilling hope.

Before the tournament began in a lengthy interview with "The Island" Aravinda said that he would like to take the team through to the finals of the competition and he’s just one step away from doing that, "I am quite glad that we got to the semis. Hopefully, we’ll go through and if that happens basically I would have achieved everything that I

wanted in my career," he said reflecting back at his career, which spanned almost two decades.

Has he achieved all what he wanted? "To a large extent yes. I think there could have been a lot more that I would have really loved to achieve. But I can’t be unrealistic and say that I have not achieved all I wanted. We’ve won a World Cup and what else do you want," he said.

He’s been in superb form as well. De Silva is the third highest run scorer in the competition for Sri Lanka and has batted with the grace he’s always done, throughout the competition. He’s also been handy with his experience, speaking to the younger players quite often and motivating them. He was seen working with Mahela Jayawardene.