Colombo security beefed up as LTTE gunmen kill informant

by Kalinga Weerakkody
Police beefed up security in the city of Colombo yesterday as LTTE hit-and-run tactics to murder opponents looked re-activated with the third murder of a Tamil soldier soldier being carried out at Mt. Lavinia on Tuesday night.

Snap security checkpoints at important places have been increased to tighten security, police sources said.

On Tuesday night the LTTE shot dead the third person whom they described a ‘traitor’.

The victim had been accused of having been an informant to the police who earlier had been a member of the PLOTE led by D. Siddhartan.

This killing was carried out at St. Sylvester’s Road , Mt. Lavinia on Tuesday night when the victim was returning to his annexe with his ten-year-old son.

K. T. Lagupathi (35) of Karaithivu was shot at close range by two LTTE gunmen on a motorbike at Mt. Lavinia.

Police said that several rounds had been fired at the victim with an automatic pistol.

The victim had moved to Mt. Lavinia with his wife, son aged 10 and a five-month-old daughter.

Lagupathy was reported to be the third victim of the LTTE during the past three months to be gunned down in Colombo.

Earlier, an engineer, another Tamil, was stabbed to death in Colombo by two LTTE men in the presence of his wife.

The victim was a resident of Karaithivu in Ampara.

He had succumbed to his injuries on admission to the Kalubowila hospital.

The wife of the suspect is from Batticaloa.

DIG (Colombo) Bodhi Liyanage when asked whether he had taken any steps in this regard said that the suspects were still at large.