Suntel leads telecom industry in service quality

Suntel Ltd., the pioneering Wireless Local Loop (WLL) operator, is ahead of the rest in terms of service quality as per findings by the industry regulator.

The Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) recently published key indicators of fixed access telecom operators for the period ended third quarter of 2002 in terms of quality of services. This was in compliance with the provisions under the TRC Act No 25 of 1991.

TRC compared the performance of all three fixed access operators on the basis of four parameters - best connectivity (call completion ratio); best in rapid response (faults cleared within 24 hours); best in customer service (faults cleared within 72 hours) and lowest number of faults (faults per 100 direct exchange lines).

Suntel comfortably outstripped competition in all four parameters. Its call completion ratio was the best at 56.63%, rapid response in fault clearance was an impressive 96.67% while in terms of faults cleared within 72 hours Suntel topped the list with a ratio of 99.33% and was ranked lowest in terms of faults.

The industry leading achievements are no surprise for Suntel since it has always believed in excellence in service quality. "TRC findings only confirms this deep rooted philosophy at Suntel. However we treat the ranking as useful since it’s an external assessment and reinforces our leadership and the value we add to our customers," Suntel’s Managing Director Hugo Cederschiold said.

He also attributed Suntel’s success to substantial investments in technology and human resources and training which are essential to maintain such high standards in service quality.

"We have been managing our network professionally to ensure that there is no congestion. We also continuously monitor our network and its performance so as to take corrective action and maintenance when required. Internally the culture is one of preventive action rather than corrective action," Mr. Ramasundara, Director of Technical & Regulatory Affairs explained.

A key factor to ensure rapid response in customer service is constant monitoring of all lines by field staff. This enables them to detect faults or break down of lines sometimes even before the customer realizes or detects it. This proactive attitude has certainly paid off while faults also minimized through proper installation at the beginning. Suntel has also set itself key benchmarks to gauge its own efficiency. For example fault rectification for corporate customers is three hours or less while all faults must be completed within 24 hours.

Suntel is constantly striving for innovation in, both processes and systems, to ensure continuous improvement in efficiency of its network and service quality. "When speed is the essence of business success time is precious. We understand this need and have been focusing on how best our customers could get on with their core business rather than worry about or be affected by faulty telecommunications. By adding value than being a mere service provider has indeed helped Suntel to expand its customer base and pioneer several ground breaking solutions," Mr. Cederschiold emphasized.

The company’s state-of-the-art digital network includes three AXE switches in Colombo and Kandy, coupled with proven transmission and access technology from worldrenowned suppliers. It also became the first fixed phone operator in the country to receive the prestigious ISO 9001:2000 certification from UKAS, of the UK as well as ansi* RAB of USA. While among its firsts include ISDN, IP VPN Service (Virtual Private Network through Internet Protocol), wireless broadband, its own ISP ‘Suntel WoW’ and Multi party video conferencing, e-channeling etc.

Suntel is a joint venture company comprised of the global telecom giant Telia AB of Sweden, the Metropolitan Group of Companies, Townsend Limited of Hong Kong, and the National Development Bank and IFC a member of the World Bank. Since its launch in December 1996, Suntel has become a leading private fixed phone operator in Sri Lanka, connecting more than 70,000 customers. Suntel’s communications services range from designing and implementing customised solutions, and integrated voice-data networks, for corporate and business customers, to high-speed Internet access lines for individual customers.