Mayor deaf to pubic complaints

I do not know whether the CMC has a press officer. If there is such an officer, no doubt, he will know what his duties are. Since, some shortcomings that were highlighted in The Island mentioned below have not yet attended to, it is very clear that such articles have not met the eyes of the Mayor or his Deputy. What I have noted well, as contributor to the letters’ columns of the English dailies since the year 1978 is, that after the demise of late President Premadasa, Mayors and their deputies have been impervious to public complaints.

1. A name board of a main road that could fatally injury the head of the pedestrians was published in The Island of 19/7/02 under caption ‘CMC’s disregard for pedestrians,’

2. Complete darkness at Chatham Street since the barriers were removed appeared in The Island of 11/22/92 under caption ‘Fort by night’.

3. The road leading to the SL Foundation Institute not being provided with street lamps was highlighted in The Island of 26/12/02 under caption ‘Lit up city and dark alleys’.

Surprisingly, it appears that neither the mayor nor the deputy has travelled via Chatham Street at night during this long period. Had they done so, they would have seen how dark it is and asked the lamp lighting unit to take necessary action.
Nazly Cassim
Colombo 1