Interim admin. demanded by LTTE is nothing but Eelam — JVP

by Rohan Mathes

The "Interim Administration" mechanism which the LTTE is demanding now, devoid of government officials and inclusive of LTTE administrators only with all powers, is nothing but ‘Tamil Eelam’, claimed the General Secretary of the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) Tilvin Silva yesterday at a press briefing at Nippon Hotel.

He said that the JVP stand has always been against the concept of an interim administration in any form in the North and East and they would urge the President to use her executive powers to prevent any such move by the UNP government now on bended knees to the LTTE to persuade them to participate at the donors’ summit in Tokyo in June.

Right along, from the signing of the ceasefire between the government and the LTTE, the UNP regime has achieved nothing vis-a-vis the LTTE, who have strategically progressed with their action plans. They have asked for more and more. When one demand was granted, they have demanded another and yet another and so on. They have psychologically demoralised the government to a state where the government assumes that the Tigers could not be crushed by war. Virtually the LTTE and some Western interests have trapped the government, charged the JVP General Secretary.

Speaking further, he accused some Western powers of striving to jeopardise and divide the country via the LTTE and create two weak states for further exploitation in the future.

He also asked what right these Western powers had to dictate terms to the Sri Lanka government in terms of the violation of the constitution. He asked why these same powers didn’t dictate and caution the most brutal terrorist organisation, the Tigers.

Tilvin Silva said that in the run for the General Elections, the JVP had warned the nation regarding the secret pacts which the UNP had entered into with the LTTE. These secret pacts were being put into practice now. The UNP has yet to explain its stand regarding this issue of an Internal Administration outside the constitution of Sri Lanka. Government has not disclosed it to the masses of this country fearing a backlash from them. The signals are that the government has agreed secretly to their demands, he quipped.

The General Secretary warned the government that Sri Lanka was not the private property of Ranil Wickremesinghe or the UNP. The slender majority mandate which they claim to possess, is temporary, valid for five years only. The JVP as a patriotic peoples’ party, dedicated to uphold the sovereignty of the nation, would not permit the UNP to bargain the country in the name of a ‘mythical peace’ he said.

Tilvin Silva further warned that sans this so-called "Interim Administration", the minority ethnic Muslims and Sinhalese and even the Tamils belonging to other parties in the North and the East were deprived of their rights and harassed. In these circumstances, the granting of an "Interim Administration" would lead a dictatorship in the North and East.

He also informed the media that the JVP had organised a "Sahana Seva" campaign to assist the victims of the recent floods, irrespective of party politics, from May 26 to 30, in schools, hospitals and welfare institutions in the flood-affected areas.

In response to a question regarding the alliance with the PA, the General Secretary reiterated that they were proceeding slowly but steadily in consolidating the alliance with the PA. He warned the people to beware of slanderous propaganda by the media regarding this matter.

In response to a question posed by the media, why the JVP did not view optimistically the granting of a legitimised Interim Administration to the LTTE to a region already having an internal administration unlawfully, Tilvin Silva said that they didn’t propose to make a wrongdoing right by yet another wrongdoing and aggravate the matter further. Correct remedial action should be taken to crush the Tigers, he said.