SLFP 14th Convention at Nittambuwa
Only 10 days ‘ammo’ left to fight LTTE, says CBK

By Saman Indrajith

President Chandrika Kumaratunga who is the Head of the National Security Council, on Sunday said that the armed forces only have ammunition sufficient for ten days if the LTTE launches a sudden attack against the security forces.

"I can disclose this fact since it is no more a secret to the LTTE," President Kumaratunga said at the 14th Convention of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party held on Sunday at the Sangabodhi Vidyalaya, Nittambuwa.

Half of the fighting craft and fighter planes are unfit for use since the government had not purchased required spare parts during the past few months, she said. "When I inquired about this, their reply was that some corrupt top brass indicate such a necessity since they are profited by the commissions of such deals when in reality there is no such necessity."

"The peace aspired by the Ranil Wickremesinghe Government will never be a reality and the SLFP does not want peace at any cost. All stakeholders interests must be safeguarded. We do not want just only the LTTE’s aspirations appeased," she said.

When the present government came to power it had an advantage over the LTTE

since the post September 11 situation was not favourable for the LTTE in the eyes of the international community. "They had an advantageous environment against the LTTE which was very weak then owing to successful offensives we as the previous government launched against them. Further they were in a very critical condition thanks to our government’s success in lobbying the international community to proscribe the LTTE as a terrorist organisation," she said.

The armed forces were asked by the government to turn a "blind-eye" towards LTTE operations, she said. "This government has set a record of turning a blind-eye eight times allowing the LTTE to smuggle in arms. It is the only government in the world that allowed a terrorist organisation to smuggle in arms which would be used against its forces in the future. Last time, I ordered to attack the LTTE vessels smuggling in arms," she said.

The time has come for the SLFP to claim its right to govern this country as the present government has brought back terror, violence and corruption, she said.

"From this historic place we launch the re-awakening of the SLFP with a five fold programme emphasising on a system of governance with accountability and transparency; finding solutions for the national problem with equality among all ethnic groups; an economic plan mixed with indigenous interests; a lawful society, and a people’s government."

If the UNF can deal with the LTTE covertly what’s wrong with uniting with the JVP openly, she asked.

"We have been discussing our policy and differences for the last nine months. Some of our (SLFP) organisers come and complain to me that youth membership is dwindling towards the JVP. But our party organisers must understand that we have a stronger foundation, importance, party history, and experience than the JVP. If our youth join the JVP the fault is with our organisers," she said.

PA MP Anura Bandaranaike said that by July 08 the SLFP will sign an agreement with the JVP. He requested President Kumaratunga to find provisions in the constitution to send the present government home. He thanked the organisers of the convention for selecting Horagolla as the venue of the convention and said it was the only electorate in the world which was represented by a single family for 70 years.

The SLFP leaders passed 12 resolutions to defeat the UNF government and to work towards a prosperous Sri Lanka safeguarding the rights of the people. SLFP and PA parliamentarians, and its national, provincial and grass root level leaders and party organisers attended the convention.