Amaradeva felicitated in London

Sujeeva Nivunhella - in London
Well known musician Pandith W. D. Amaradeva was felicitated for his contribution for Sinhala music for over five decades, at a musical concert held at the Camden Town Centre, London last week.

A large number of fans gathered to wish this talented musician. The organiser of the musical, Piya Vijaya Fonseka and Mrs. Prema Ganegoda offered an award to the maestro to pay gratitude on behalf of the expatriate community.

The fans were on their feet cheering non stop for about 5 minutes to show their appreciation.

Amaradeva who is the only Sri Lankan to receive ‘Sri Padma’ award from India, ‘Magsaysay’ award from Philippines and ‘Office’ award from France said he was thrilled with this award and the gesture shown to him by the organisers and his fans living in the UK.

He called his wife ‘Wimala’ who was in the audience to come on stage to share the happiness and she went over and embraced him with joy. All the artistes who were on stage then went up to Amaradeva to congratulate him.

Rohana Weerasinghe who was the music director on the day said "Sri Lanka is proud of Amaradeva and his achievements remain uamatched".

Talking to the Sunday Island, Amaradeva said that he was thrilled and moved by the way he was treated and he intends to serve his fans and make them happy as long as he can.

Piya Vijaya Fonseka, the organiser said he thought this was the time to felicitate this renowned musician and he was happy with the response of the expatriate community.

Visharada Deepika Priyadarshini and Nirosha Virajini also performed in the music directed by Rohana Weerasinghe who was supported by Wijeratne Ranatunge, D. D. Gunasena, Suresh Maliyadda and Mahendra Pasqual.