Evergreen Park Centre Road
– A hellhole?

I constantly travel along the newly constructed magnificent, picturesque highway built from the High Level Road junction leading right upto Kandy Road just beyond the Kelani bridge, which is undoubtedly the best highway built in Sri Lanka.

Most motorists travelling from Borella towards Nawala and the Oasis Hospital (Pvt.) Ltd., in order to avoid traffic congestion prefer to take the route via Muhandiram E. D. Dabare Mawatha through Evergreen Park Centre private road to reach the said hospital and Kirimandala Mawatha. It is pertinent to note that all motorists are keen to reach their respective destination quickily.

After a comfortable smooth drive along the spacious picturesque highway, one who is compelled to take this route is amazed, astonished and bewildered to observe the appalling condition and state of this stretch of road. One without proper driving skills cannot pass this most deplorable road area which is subject to severe testing for the shock absorbers. The passengers are exposed to a tedious exercise. They feel they are on board a boat at sea in a storm. The vehicles are of course obviously prone to stress and severe damage.

I am regular visitor to a resident living in the Centre Road of Evergreen Park since 1990 with the inauguration of this housing complex, initially built by M/s Victoria Developments (Pvt) Ltd., on a land purchased from the Sri Lanka Reclamation and Development Corporation. The number of residential houses has now increased to almost 200. The present value of each house is approximately Rs. 15 million. Of course, in these houses only the affluent live. The majority of the residents are ministerial secretaries, judges, service commanders, consultant physicians,professionals, VIPs and those of the diplomatic immunity.

Although the Evergreen Park consists of purely private roads as a viable proposition utmost attempts were made by the residents of to have the roads paved. This important matter was referred to the Ministry of Transport & Highways, Road Development Authority, Colombo Municipal Council, Sri Lanka Land Reclamation and Development Corporation. Unfortunately due to various constraints the paving of the roads is still pending.

It is pertinent to mention that the residents along the Centre Road who suffer most. This private road is now used by various types of motorists, including commercial vehicles etc., where thedust and noise are not conducive to residents living along this road. The members of the Evergreen Park Welfare Society had even built humps at random along the Centre Road to compulsorily reduce the speed of vehicles. These humps have been removed by the authorities of the Oasis Hospital (Pvt.) Ltd., in consultation with the police as patients taken in ambulances are affected.

I request the relevant authorities to drive through or walk through this stretch to convince themselves with regard to the precise state of this road.

In the context of the above, it appears that nobody is aware on whose shoulders the responsibility of sorting of this important matter rests.

Sunil Thenabadu
Mt. Lavinia