Reginald Cooray’s appointment as CM of WP challenged

by Chitra Weerarathne
The appointment of Reginald Cooray, as the Chief Minister of the Western Province, has been challenged in the Court of Appeal, by H. J. S. Hettiarachchi a resident of Kalutara.

The petition states that the name of Reginald Cooray, was not in the nomination list of the candidates who contested the provincial council elections of April 1999.

The Court of Appeal should quash the appointment of Cooray as the Chief Minister, since he did not contest the poll, as was required by the provisions of the Provincial Councils Elections Act.

Reginald Cooray was appointed a member of the Western Provincial Council, on a recommendation made by D. M. Jayaratne, the General Secretary of the People’s Alliance. The appointment was gazetted by the Commissioner of Elections, subsequently. The Governor of the Western Province, later on appointed Cooray as the Chief Minister of the western province.

The petitioner, H. J. S. Hettiarachchi of Bulathsinhala, resides in Kalutara. The instructing attorney in this application is Chitrananda G. Liyanage.