Sonduru Dadabima’

by Sanjeevi Jayasuriya
There is no need for an introduction to Anura Horatious as he is widely known as a journalist with a multiple talents. His specialisation is reporting of political crimes and underworld activities. Anura gained prominence exposing profiteering through political sponsorships, revelations of facts and details about contract murders, deal-making in arms, ammunitions and drugs with political patronage. He was an exceptional investigative reporter.

He has directed the film ‘Sonduru Dadabima’ (A Pleasurable Hunt). The story revolves around Kamal, a soldier with the Special Task Force. He is a father of a child. When he learns of an extramarital affair of his wife Samanthi he leaves them behind.

Samanthi now helpless lives a foot-loose life. But is determined to ensure a prosperous future for her daughter.

Around this period, a renowned and popular General of the Army meets with his death under mysterious circumstances and the political party in power believes it as a conspiracy supported by the opposition party.

An organisation called the Special Investigation Bureau set up to implicate the opposition begins to weave a web of deceit. The film reveals how this ill-intentioned campaign develops into a whirlwind of tragic events.

The cast includes Tony Ranasinghe, Dilhanie Ekanayake, Sanath Wimalasiri, Rex Kodippily, Mahendra Perera, Wilson Karunaratne, G. R. Perera, Mayuri Samarasinghe, Kusum Renu, Srinath Maddumage, Tyronne Michale, Sumith Mudannayake, Kumara Thirimadura and Giriraj Kaushalya.

The music is directed by Premasiri Khemadasa.

Art Direction by Suneth Nandalal and produced by W. A. S. K. Samarawickrema.

The film is a treat for the whole family.