GIRL Sunday
Ambition to be an English teacher

* Name: Wathsala Sudeshani Karunarathna

* Star sign: Sagittarius

1. What sort of a person would you say you are?

Quite a tricky question. Really, I think Iím gentle and the friendly type. I tend to take everything seriously and that could be the reason why Iím a ... mmm, letís say, sensitive teenager.

2. Is there anything you dislike about yourself?

You see, when I have a problem I keep thinking about it and it worries me a lot. But now Iíve decided not to take problems too seriously because everything could be solved as time goes by.

3. Where were you educated?

I went to Ferguson Girls High School in Ratnapura

4. Are you employed?

Not as yet.

5. Whatís the most exciting experience you have had?

When we won first place at a drama competition ... after a few hiccups! When we were on stage, someone forgot the dialogue. We just used our common sense and added an extra part. The audience thought it was a part of the play and hurrah, we won!

6. Have you been on blind dates?

No. Anyway, thatís not my style

7. "Love at First Sight" - how often does it happen to you?

Surely, when I see a handsome guy my heart says, "oh, he looks nice!" But my innermind says, "Think about it twice. This is not love, itís only a vision".

8. Your most embarrassing moment?

One day I went to school late and I rushed to get myself excused by my class teacher. When I was about to sit, my friend pulled the chair and I fell. Everyone started laughing!

9. Does anything make you particularly happy?

Yeah, when others praise me.

10. When you are in trouble, whom do you turn to?

I always discuss my problems with my everloving mama and my siblings. They are always ready to share my victory or defeat equally.

11. Can you describe your favourite type of guy?

I would like a handsome and educated guy, with a kind heart, who could fill my heart with full of love forever.

12. What is important to you in a guy - looks or personality?

Most girls, I believe, are concerned about looks, but if Iím really given a choice, I would go for personality.

13. How do you like to see a guy dressed?

I think a guy should wear what suits him best - perhaps outfits that would enhance his looks and his personality.

14. What outfits would you most like to wear?

Nothing special in particular. I usually wear what I think is suitable for whatever occasion Iím planning to attend.

15. What kind of people do you enjoy being with?

I like being with my friends. As we are in the same age group, we are always happy and we exchange our ideas and views. Itís real fun for me.

16. Who would you most like to meet?

My papa again. He died early this year. Although I know this is impossible, my heart is longing for him and that is my greatest wish.

17. Howís your temper?

Well, my friends would be in the best position to tell you about my temper. They know my qualities very well. Iím like most other girls. All of us do have a temper, right?

18. What kind of music are you into?

Surprise! Surprise!. I love the classical stuff - both Sinhala and English.

19. Favourite radio station?

Sri FM

20. Future plans?

My ambition is to be an English teacher, like my mother.

Pic. by: D. Banduwardena

Location: Hotel Taj Samudra

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