by S.L.Gunasekara,President
Sinhala Jathika Sangamaya

S. P. Tamilchelvam is reported as having said that the LTTE’s counter-proposals for a [so called] Interim Self Governing Authority for our Northern and Eastern Provinces is not a `ECprelude to secession`EE. The writer is in entire agreement with Tamilchelvam: those proposals, if accepted would not be a mere `ECprelude to secession`EE but constitute `ECsecession`EE itself in every sense of that word.

The proposals commence with a long preamble which is essentially to the effect:-

(a) that the Sinhalese are a set of unbelievably evil blackguards who have, lied to, cheated, murdered and oppressed the Tamils ever since independence;

(b) that it was the Sinhalese and they alone who are responsible for the separatist war; and,

(c) that the LTTE is composed of a peace loving, high-minded set of defenders of human rights and freedom, who abhor racism to the same extent to which they adore the rule of law; and who, despite the milk of human kindness which courses through their veins were compelled to take up arms and fight the tyranny imposed on Tamils by the Sinhalese.

An acceptance of this piece of supreme mendacity would amount to the Government giving to the terrorists who, among other things, murdered Buddhist devotees while worshipping at the Sri Maha Bodhi, Muslims praying in their Mosques and infants by chopping them into little pieces while sleeping in their villages such as Gonagala, a character certificate to the effect that they are fit candidates for canonization for their monumental services to humanity, while tarring for all eternity, the Sinhalese as a race of inhuman monsters. Has Ranil Wickremesinghe’s patchwork government received a mandate from the People to accept this filth spewed out by the LTTE?

It goes without saying that an acceptance of this preamble will necessarily result in the de-proscription of the LTTE in Countries where it is proscribed, and the Republic of Sri Lanka and not the LTTE being regarded as a self-confessed terrorist organisation !!!

The content of the proposals leave no room for doubt that it is in all respects, a recipe for a separate State. The LTTE makes no bones about the fact that the Constitution of Sri Lanka will have no application to the Northern & Eastern Provinces which will be under the dictatorial rule of the L:TTE. Let there be no mistake about it, there is no provision whatsoever in the proposals for any part to be played by the Government of Sri Lanka in the governance of about 30% of its territory on land and 60% of its sea coast and territorial waters. These are not proposals to ‘share’ power in the North and East - for no ‘share’ of governmental powers in the North and East is set apart for the elected Government of Sri Lanka. The only function ‘assigned’ to the Government of Sri Lanka by this band of thugs is the function of giving money from public funds to the LTTE to do as they wish with it, as well as to compensate those Tamils who were dispossessed of their lands by the Government by the creation of High Security Zones etc. !!! These are the types of functions ‘assigned’ to a ‘conquered’ country by the ‘conquering’ country.

In an exercise of monumental duplicity, the LTTE does not expressly demand that the Armed Forces be withdrawn from the North and East. On the other hand, they demand/propose that all powers regarding law and order and land should be vested in them, and that the Armed Forces must vacate all land belonging to civilians now occupied by them: so out go the High Security Zones. Land is either privately owned or State owned. Thus, with the Armed Forces having to vacate privately owned land, they could only be located on State Land, which would be in the control of the LTTE. Thus, it will be the LTTE and the LTTE alone which will decide where, if any, the camps of our Armed Forces [whose primary function is to defend the Country against the LTTE] should be located - and if, perchance the LTTE decides in the exercise of their governmental powers that our Armed Forces should not occupy any State Land because such State Land as is suitable for such camps are needed for ‘humanitarian’ work to solve the ‘existential’ problems of the Tamils and restore ‘normalcy’, so that the Tamils could enjoy the ‘peace dividend’, the Armed Forces would have to pack up and leave the North and East.

As regards the Navy, the LTTE makes no attempt even to camouflage their intentions. They demand/propose that they have `ECcontrol over the marine and off-shore resources of the adjacent seas and the power to regulate access thereto`EE. The Sri Lanka Navy will therefore require the permission of the LTTE to sail or even wet their feet in 60% of our territorial waters.

The LTTE does not directly demand/propose that they have the right to open diplomatic missions in foreign countries. However, they demand/propose the right `ECto borrow internally and externally, provide guarantees and indemnities, receive aid directly and engage in internal and external trade`EE. To borrow externally, get foreign aid and engage in external trade, it will be necessary for the LTTE to send accredited ‘envoys’ of its ‘government’ of the North and East [called an ‘Authority’] to foreign countries and even open offices there which would be separate, distinct and independent of our diplomatic missions and diplomatic officers. Thus, through this means, the LTTE will for all practical purposes have their own diplomatic missions in foreign countries.

In short, what these proposals amount to is the conversion of Sri Lanka’s Northern and Eastern Provinces which comprise about 30% of our land area and 60 % of our coast and territorial waters, into an area to which the Constitution of our Country does not apply: an area in respect of which Parliament can pass no laws and the President and Cabinet can exercise no executive powers: an area excluded from the writ of the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeal and all Courts established by law; an area in which the Armed Forces and Sri Lanka Police have no role to play; and, an area administered totally and absolutely by a band of murderers, kidnappers, extortionists and arsonists. If this is not a ‘recipe’ for a separate state, what is?

The proposals are replete with some sugary words designed to deceive the gullible into the belief that the LTTE would ensure equal treatment without discrimination for all residents of the North and East etc. Who but an imbecile could attach any credence to these assurances - one has only to consider even briefly, the provisions of the ceasefire agreement and the LTTE’s conduct in respect of it if one has any doubts on the matter. By the ceasefire agreement, the LTTE undertook to open the A9 highway, not to commit murder, not to commit abduction or kidnapping or extortion; to obey rulings of the Head of Mission of the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission; and agreed that the LTTE and the Government, respectively, will continue to control those areas which were under the control of each party at the time of the execution of the Agreement. The LTTE has flouted and continues to flout every one of these undertakings, and its very demand for an interim administration is a flagrant violation of the provision of the Agreement in terms of which the Government and the LTTE respectively, will continue to administer those areas which were under the control of each of them at the time of the execution of the Agreement.

To the LTTE promises are mere words, and Agreements, mere pieces of paper. The only ‘principle’ to which the LTTE has been truly faithful is the ‘principle’ "OUR WAY OR NO WAY" which has been its ‘guiding light’ throughout.

These proposals should come as no surprise to those who had no illusions about the LTTE and what they stood for. However, there is one other dimension to the LTTE’s proposals that many would like to ignore, and that is that they make manifest the total and unmitigated contempt in which they hold Ranil Wickremesinghe and his patchwork government as well as Wickremesinghe’s much touted [so called] `ECInternational Safety Net`EE - for if they were not so filled with contempt, there is no way in which they could have put forward these proposals.

Already, Wickremesinghe’s imaginary `ECsafety net`EE is hailing the LTTE’s proposals for secession as a `ECpositive`EE sign - why should they not - it is not their countries that are sought to be dismembered.

Had the LTTE been operating in their countries would they have accepted or even considered proposals such as these instead of depositing them in their waste paper baskets ?? Have they forgotten so soon the dire consequences humanity was compelled to suffer by the foul betrayal of Czechoslovakia to the terrorist Hitler at Munich ?? - a betrayal which was then applauded by the `ECInternational Community`EE.

With its proposals, the LTTE has discarded all pretence of seeking a ‘peaceful solution’ through a ‘Federal Constitution’, and made patently evident what was always evident to those who appraised the evidence objectively, that it will be satisfied with nothing short of a separate state.

Even at this late stage with our Country in dire peril will Ranil Wickremesinghe and Chandrika Kumaratunga cease their puerile games of ‘one-upmanship’ and join hands to fight the common enemy, the LTTE ? Will the so called ‘International Community’ which is supposed to be against terrorism stand by uttering lofty sentiments but doing nothing while the vilest set of terrorists the world has ever seen dismembers our Country?