LTTE proposals go beyond devolution - CBK

by Wasantha Liyanage
President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga said although she accepted devolution, she would not agree to any proposal to grant the LTTE an 'Eelam' or a separate state by any other name.

She said the LTTE interim administration proposals went far beyond devolution.

Addressing the opening ceremony of the new office complex for the Western Provincial Council at Koswatte, Thalangama yesterday, the President said that if the LTTE agrees to a power sharing solution it must be a model similar to the one in the Provincial Council system.

She said that she would consult the constitutional experts of her party and other constituent parties of the PA over the LTTE proposals and would make her position known to the public today (03).

She said that the provincial councils must be enabled through constitutional means to increase their revenue. She said she saw nothing wrong in provincial councils having dealings with foreign countries for this purpose.

President Kumaratunga further said she saw nothing wrong in the same applying to the LTTE as well, if the LTTE renounce terrorism, gave up arms and agreed with the government on devolution of power in a democratic set up.