US, Sri Lankan air forces conduct exchange

The U.S. and Sri Lankan Air Forces are conducting a Subject Matter Expert exchange in Sri Lanka this month, the US Embassy in Colombo said.

Approximately 30 members of the U.S. 13th Air Force’s 613th Contingency Response Group (CRG) are participating in their first Subject Matter Expert exchange with the Sri Lankan Air Force.

The 613th CRG consists of highly qualified specialists from 35 different career fields who, working as a team, can-provide an assessment of the security medical, engineering and operations environment of a deployed location.

This information is then quickly communicated back to decision-makers who can determine whether they wish to deploy to a specified operating location.

During the program, the 613th CRG will exchange information on tactics, techniques and procedures.

They will also conduct a combined survey of airfields with the Sri Lankan Air Force.

This long-planned Subject Matter Exchange between the U.S. and Sri Lankan Air Forces is one of many ongoing programs between the U.S. and Sri Lankan militaries, and exemplifies the strong relationship between the two nations.