Midweek Review

LTTE wants its way and Norway

by Nalin de Silva
The LTTE has finally submitted its response to the "government" proposals and as expected wants a de facto confederation. The response goes well beyond a federal state and the Tamil racists have not minced their words in asking for a confederation in order to satisfy the "aspirations" of the Tamil people. It has been stated that the so called interim self governing authority (isga) would be a secular state despite the fact that the majority of the people living in the northern and the eastern provinces are Hindus. However, it is not known whether the majority of the population in those two provinces are Hindus as with the exodus of the Tamils, especially the Tamil Hindus, from the northern province to the western province and from there to the west, the number of Hindus have come down significantly. In the eastern province the non Hindus are in the majority, and this implies that even if the Hindus are the majority when both provinces are taken together, the percentage of the Hindus in the two provinces would not come near the seventy percent mark which gives the percentage of the Buddhists in the whole of Sri Lanka.

In any event the LTTE is not interested in a Hindu state or giving the foremost place to Hinduism in the rogue administration that they want from the UNF NGO that pretends to be a government, because the fascists are not based on a Hindu ideology. Many of my Hindu friends have told me that they are not happy about the position of the Hindus even within the present LTTE set up as the LTTE is based on an ideology supplied by some Catholic priests among the Tamils and the westerners in the form of Norwegians led Scandinavians. It is futile to expect the foremost place for Hinduism from the LTTE that has a different ideology altogether.

There are no secular states in the world though some constitutions of some countries may proclaim to be so. India may claim to be a secular state but it has given the foremost place to Hinduism unofficially. The prominence of Hinduism is written all over India and it is not necessary to write it in the constitution. The western states are all Christian states, in spite of their claims that they are secular. As we have repeatedly pointed out the national anthem of Britain begins with God save the queen and not with "devo vassathu kalena...., raja bhavathu dhammiko". No British raj has ruled with justice or "dhammiko" and the present rulers who joined hands with Bush to attack Iraq cannot be considered to be "dhammiko" by any stretch of imagination. The present day Vikings in Norway are no better and Norwegian state is a Lutheran state. The LTTE and their advisers in the west know that a constitution could always proclaim with pompous that it is secular but there are ways and means (more appropriately saha vidhi") of equating secularism with the religion of one’s choice. When the whole of the western knowledge that includes western science that claims to be objective, is based in the western Judaic Christian culture why should one waste time on secular theories on states by the western political scientists? (Knowledge including western science is not discovered but created and more so in a particular culture making knowledge to be culture dependent. Western official knowledge as well as so called alternative knowledges such as Marxism, and even postmodernism are based in one civilisation, namely the western Judaic Christian civilisation with its constituent cultures. I have exposed the dependence of western physics on the Judaic Christian cultures in a forth coming book entitled "Vidya Kathandara".) The western political scientists who limp behind the western physicists could only claim that their so called science is objective.

It is not necessary to go through the response by the LTTE to see through what they want. They want to satisfy the aspirations of the Tamils, meaning of course, the Tamil racists and not the Tamils in general. They do not talk of Tamil grievances, the word that was used to camouflage the issue before Kumar Ponnambalam said in one of his proclamations that the Tamils, meaning the Tamil racists again, had graduated from grievances to aspirations. At first it was to deny the Sinhalas the leadership at the centre and when they realised that it was impossible to do so they went to the periphery to deprive the Sinhala of the northern and eastern provinces. The Tamil racists had always worked in collaboration with the westerners, whether it is the Dutch, British, the Americans or the Scandinavians, and today they have come to the last lap in their attempt to deprive Sinhalathva its rightful place in the country. The Tamil racists including other so called enlightened artistes who participated in a "pongu Thamil" celebration in Colombo recently cannot specifically spell out what these "grievances" are. However Sucharitha Gamlath in his speech at the "pongu Thamil" has thundered to sacrifice his life for the so called rights of the Tamils in the country. Of course, he has not stated what these so called rights nor which one of the many lives he is living that he intends to sacrifice. When a person (not a member of the Sihala Urumaya and I must say that I have no brief for the Sihala Urumaya. Apparently when the "enlightened" thugs descended on this innocent person the Sihala Urumaya members and sympathisers were picketing outside the hall.) who participated at the "pongu Thamil" after a particular speech questioned how the speaker could say that Prabhakaran was a hero, the organisers or their agents had attacked mercilessly the former while the "enlightened artists" were watching with glee the attack in their enlightenment. It is obvious that people like Sucharitha Gamlath have no regard for the rights of a Sinhala person to question, let alone the rights of the Sinhala people.

The LTTE wants a de facto confederation with judicial legislative and executive powers for them in the so called isga and the western media have already announced what a set of nice boys (and girls) the LTTE are, having agreed to put down their proposals in writing for the first time and having agreed for so called negotiations with the UNF NGO. What they do not say is that the LTTE is threatening to go back to "war" if their demands are not met with. In other words what Prabhakaran and the fascist thugs want is a confederation and if that is not given they would start bombing innocent civilians with the connivance of the westerners. What the terrorists mean by peace is handing over the northern and the eastern provinces to them on a platter fulfilling their so called aspirations, which the UNF NGO is capable of doing, and if the latter fails to do so they would go on a killing spree. So much for the so called freedom fighters of the NGO "intellectuals".

The LTTE wants the UNP NGO to go beyond the constitution. What they mean by going the constitutions is obvious to anybody other than the NGO "intellectuals" who have not created a single concept individually or collectively in their lives, and of course the Tamil terrorists. The constitution has no provision for a federal state let alone a confederation and with the present set of MPs it is not possible to obtain the necessary two third majority to amend the existing or adopt a new constitution. The LTTE wants the UNF NGO to go outside the constitution and establish the isag that would eventually become part of the confederation. Ranil Wickremesinghe has been talking of asymmetrical devolution for sometime and what the LTTE wants is gust the same.

However it is clear the UNF NGO is getting ready for some kind of legal manoeuvres in order to satisfy the "aspiration" and the impeachment on the chief justice has to be understood with the "unconstitutional" in the mind. The present Chief Justice, from the point of view of the non national forces, is a stumbling block when it comes to interpreting the constitution with respect to so called power devolution.

While this manoeuvering takes place in the judiciary, the numbers game has already begun in the legislature. There will be other Putrasigamnies and Jeyaraj Fernandopulles and the non national forces are drawing the battle lines.

The national forces have to take into consideration all these factors and have to get ready for the final battle. The position taken up by India would be important though the national forces cannot and should not depend entirely on what India does in this regard.

LTTE wants a five year rule before an election held in the northern and the eastern provinces. What guarantee is there that the LTTE would hold an "independent" or any election for that matter, after five years. The two provincial councils of the northern and the eastern provinces were merged temporarily by J.R. Jayewardene, who promised to hold a referendum to settle the merger. India was party to the agreement that made this "temporary" merger. The LTTE before asking for ISAG, promising an election after five years, should first ask the UNF NGO to hold this referendum.