‘Irida Dawasa’ publication restrained

by Priyalal Sirisena
The Colombo Commercial High Court on Monday issued an enjoining order restraining journalist Srilal Priyantha from publishing a newspaper with the name of "Irida Dawasa" following a petition filed by M. D. Gunasena & Company Limited stating that the name "Dawasa" was a registered trade name owned by the plaintiff company.

The plaintiff company petitioned that the "Dawasa" newspaper was launched by Independent Newspapers Ltd., on February 01 1961 along with some other publications. On April 19, 1974 the paper had been sealed by the then government. On March 30, 1977 the paper commenced publishing again and continued till 1989 and was a popular Sinhala daily, said the petition. Due to financial crisis the publication of the paper ceased and the paper was published last on December 24, 1990.

The plaintiff company further states that it came to know that the respondent was to publish a paper with the name "Irida Dawasa" and that the usage of this name was misleading the public. Independent Newspapers Ltd and M. D. Gunasena & Company are governed by the same board of directors and that the name "Dawasa" was a registered name owned by the company, said the petitioner.

When the case came up before the High Court Judge K. T. Chitrasiri, an enjoining order was issued for fourteen days restraining the respondent from publishing the said newspaper with the name "Irida Dawasa".