"He who nurses the sick, nurses me"

In line with the above-mentioned Buddha-word, the Rev. Vipassi Thera, from Bambalapitiya, started a service in 1957 to look after the patients in our national and other hospitals. It was such a success, that grateful donors helped to establish in 1974 the present "Sanghavasa" (Rohal Seva Mandalaya), as close to the National Hospital as possible. The Rev. Vipassi passed away in 1988. After his demise the Sanghavasa fell on hard times, as people neglected to support it, probably not knowing that the monkselfless service was still continuing. At present the affairs of the Sanghavasa are managed by the Rev. Pitigala Amitha Thera, a young and energetic monk, assisted by some others, equally dedicated.

The work comprises - attending to the spiritual and physical needs of patients, especially the poor; providing medicines and other necessities, such as spectacles to those unable to afford them; supplying snacks, such as biscuits, milk foods, etc. giving books on the Dhamma, periodic talks on the Dhamma and pirith recitals; organising blood donation campaigns and shramadana work in the hospitals, arranging for donations of needed equipment, etc. the Sanghavasa is connected by Tel. 2691111 for more information.

For those raring to help the helpless, here’s their chance!
Prema Ranawaka - Das