"... dagoba parade (a reply)

I am sure all, irrespective of faith, caste, race, Sri Lankans, will congratulate Dr. Jupiter Moonemale for his letter, where he as a Roman Catholic has vehemently protested to a ‘disgusting, disappointing and low standard of a variety show, defaming the Buddhist clergy

This brings me to another disgusting, action of one of our Mahanayaka Theros at the Bandaranayake International Airport. Television viewers would have seen with dismay, when the Foreign Minister of India, saluted the Mahanayaka Thero in the oriental style, the Mahanayaka forcibly shook hands. I believe this action of the Nayaka Thero is anti-cultural, anti-Buddhist and not in keeping with Sinhala traditions. I remain confused as to how the future of our Sinhala and Buddhist culture could survive, if the very custodians act in this manner.

Should this not be corrected? On should it be allowed to pass over un-noticed or spoken? This is left to the discretion of the media, both the print and the electronic.

Perhaps the Mahanayake may have a reason which we seem not to know or understand. However, as in the case of the variety show mentioned by Dr. Jupiter Moonmale, where the leader of the group had apologised, what will be the response to this letter?