Time to fight Tiger Terrorism

The US Govt. has once again refused to take the tigers out of the list of those groups resorting to terrorism. They have retained the evil label of terrorism on the Tigers for very obvious reasons. For 22 months after the so-called Ceasefire - about which the Tiger have screamed so much - they have continued with their disastrous work of spreading terrorism. They have during this period smuggled into ships arms and ammunition, manipulated the bringing in of a sophisticated TV station, abducted nearly 10,000 children from their parents for their baby brigade according to a New York columnist-even UNICEF has confirmed over 1200 complaints of missing children - killed government informants, eliminated political opponents, planted as much as 13 to 15 camps or and even during recently there have been reports of arms smuggling in Thailand as well as in Indonesia.

All this is of course without any doubt clearly known to the American Govt. representatives in Sri Lanka. This has no doubt provoked the Americans to give the Tigers the only label they are entitled to that of Tigers engaged in the sole pursuit of terrorism. Of course Sri Lanka is grateful to the US Govt. for refusing to budge from their original plans to brand the Tigers as pure terrorists. Of course this is in accordance with the Bush Govt.’s stand to fight against terrorism throughout the world.

Having said this, being gradful to the US Govt. one is surprised at the attitude of the American representatives in Sri Lanka in regard to their handling of the peace process. On the one hand they continue to brand the Tigers as terrorists and on the other they lavish enough and more praise on the Norwegians who are right behind the Tigers in the pursuit of their naked acts of terrorism. Here are terrorists supporters praised for their efforts to enhance the goals of the goals of the terrorist Tigers. In fact this is an area where all the foreign governments have been more than totally supportive of the Tigers than they need to be. One believes that in spite of calling the Tigers as terrorists they with the other foreign countries help the Tigers to get Eelam. How do we reconcile the stand of the American Govt. Do they have double standards of terrorism. One for Tiger Terrorists and another for Muslims.

The Norwegian came in as neutral honest brokers to help Sri Lanka but now without doubt they back the Tigers to get a separate state in Sri Lanka. They fooled first the president, who should have known better, and non the Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe is more than ready to have them. They betrayed Sri Lanka as honest brokers, etc. and dished out everything the Tigers wanted, and served them with a MoU - A Norwegian Stew - and in terms of the Sri Lankan people a memorandum of the Usurpation of the North / East to the Tigers. They whole instrument of usurpation was handled entirely by the Norwegians - aided and abetted by the UNF Govt. It was the virtual surrender of the North / East to the Tigers without a shot being fired.

It is strange we have not asked these Norwegians to leave this country. In a recent editorial Mr. Editor, you too, no doubt disgusted at the attitude of he Norwegians asked that the "Norwegians be drowned into the Indian Ocean for what they have done to Sri Lanka.

What of the other foreign Countries - or the foreign hegemony - in this country - all moving with the blessings of the UNF Govt. — Including without any doubt the Americans - to hand over the North/East to the Tigers. Has this UNF Govt. been brought in to preside over the liquidation of Sri Lanka. It is time for Sri Lanka to ask these foreigners to allow our people to decide.

Are we to bow to the Bush Govt. which committed the world to an unnecessary war and has incurred the anger of most nations., and even of his own people. Saddam Hussein was no doubt a bad man, but there were other ways of getting rid of him, instead of plunging the world into an unnecessary war, and killing innocent civilians, etc.

Do we have to bow to George Bush and his Govt.’s representatives in Sri Lanka, and barter away the rights and freedom of our people.

It is a pity Ranil Wickremesinghe tried to justify the Iraqi war as well as support the subsidies to the American farmers by the Bush Govt.. at the Cancum, Mexico, to the detriment of the world’s poor. Sri Lankan must call off the bluff of the UNF Govt. and the interference of foreign governments in determing the future of this county and its people.

We have seen the disastrous effects the country has been under after thepeace Process. For 22 months it has been a procession of surrenders and giving into virtually all the demands of the Tigers. While the Tigers have steadily made the last 22 months.

The Tigers are demanding an Interim Administration and will not come for any further talks until this is done.

Our defences will further crumble over the next year or two - with probably no defence at all the Tigers will no doubt consolidate strengthen the baby brigade will grow make their defences impregnable, with further smuggling of arms and ammunition, and the UNF Govt. will do nothing.

In these grave circumstances what does the country do. What are the options open to it? The PM even talks today about using "Unconventional Thinking" as a must for peace, because convention does not permit his manipulation and clever deception to get on with what he is now preparing to do - to pay total obeisance to the Tigers. He clearly wants to move away from the chosen paths to freedom to surrender to the Tigers. To back him all the way are the foreign governments in this country - to whom he is now paying extra pooja.

Are we prepared to sit back and allow the Tiger caravan of disaster unleash their terrorism on this country. Do we throw in the towel or realise the time has come to stand up and defend our rights. The defence Minister Tilak Marapana has said the defences of the country have no been brought down. If that is so, then we need to put our defences right back into position, and build it up quickly to meet the terrorism that is building up to take over the North/East.

It is now time for the President, as the Commander-in-Chief to realise the danger the country is exposed to, and act fast. It is time Sri Lanka marshall its forces and be ready to defend the country. It is going to be hard battle, but the country is hardly left with any other alternative but to defend itself against the terrorists.
by Maurice Lord