Gap between the services and the need

There seems to be a great gap between the availability of some services and the fulfilment of the needs.

Recently one NG Organization asked us whether we could find five orphan children - who have lost both father and mother, but are living with the relations - in order to sponsor them. As much as we tried, we could not find five such children in any one area. I am sure there are many such children, but they have no idea of this particular organization.

Another example is the need for exercise books for the poor children. I personally have heard of parents who keep their children at home because they cannot buy the exercise books. But there are millions of papers being discarded or shredded daily in offices. Why donít someone collect these and bind them into books and even sell them for a cheap price - they will earn a few halal bucks and also will be doing a great service.

If any office is willing to pass on the used papers with one side blank, we, at Al Muslimaath would be willing to do the service of binding and distributing to the poor free!

Any offers? If so, call Tel. No. 2726392 Al Muslimaath.

Garbage is available everywhere. People buy fertilizer at exorbitant prices. Why donít someone start collecting garbage, convert it into fertilizer and start selling it.

Hospitals throw away millions of plastic containers - especially at Dialysis Units. Thousands of sturdy, beautiful cans are thrown away. Companies of oil, petrol and other liquid products must be spending millions on producing cans. Has anyone tried out whether the dialysis liquid cans can be used for any other product? There may be a fortune in it. All it needs may be a middleman who would take the trouble to check this possibility out. Success comes in cans, not in caníts, they say.

It is even a pity that many masons and plumbers wait for jobs to come along their way, whereas many others struggle to find good masons and plumbers; all it needs is an agency which will register all the workmen and send them out when asked for.

What we need is a sort of information centre where people can register for their wants and their availability. Itís true, that newspaper ads do this job, but then advertising is pretty expensive nowadays. Any takers?
Dr. Mrs. Mareena Thaha Reffai