Sure way to tame the politicians

The situation of politicians cannot go any lower than in Sri Lanka. Gone are the days the politicians represented intelligent, well-behaved, higher strata gentlemen. It is an accepted sad fact that now politics is the dirtiest game in the country and very sadly UNF has one no better than PA - in spite of great expectations to me contrary.

One can even forgive me inefficiency, illiteracy and the stupidity of the politicians - what is unforgivable is them breaking the law blatantly but still go scot free, sometimes even with medals for doing the same! What is maddening is the fact that even the few, who are sane and honest, can do nothing but tolerate the hooliganism of the majorKy - for fear of the loss of power.

The only way to stop the politicians staying away from criminal activities is to pass a law to ban them from their positions until they are cleared by the Court of Law. True there will be many false accusations - knowing how good our Sri Lankans are undercutting each other - but then, may be this will give the much needed prod to our Justice System and may be the politicians will find ways to expedite their own cases so that their names will be cleared.

Unless such a system is brought in, we are doomed to have the lowest elements in the highest echelons of our country as it is today - forever!! May Allah forbid?
Dr.Mrs.Mareena Thaha Reffai