The Aura of Sri Sathya Sai Baba

by Dr. Gamini Karunanayake
M.B.B.S. (Cey.) D.I.H. R.C.P. (Lond). R.C.S. (Eng).
any people believe that all great saints and religious leaders have a large aura or halo around their bodies.

Pictures and drawings of Lord Buddha, Jesus Christ, Prophet Mohamed and Sai Baba clearly highlight this halo or aura.

Most people believed that this so called aura as depicted in the drawings was a myth and that the haloes were highlighted in order to enlighten the people about the greatness of these saints.

Is this halo or aura a reality or Myth ?

It is known that certain people especially those who are developed spiritually are able to see these auras.

In recent times it has been scientifically established that the halo around people is a reality.

An ultra sensitive camera called the ‘Kirilian camera’ originally produced in 1939 in Russia and subsequently re - invented in 1969 by an American called " Kendell Johnson" is able to photograph the haloes around people.

Professor Frank Baranowski; an American scientist attached to the University of Arizona has specialized in Bio - magnetic field radiation photography. He has photographed and interpreted the auras of many people with the ultra sensitive Kirilian camera. He possesses Kirilian photographs showing the energy rays and colours emanating from different people. It has been found that every one of us has an aura surrounding our bodies which extends to about 6 inches from our bodies. In people who are highly developed spiritually like saints and yogis. This aura extends to about 2 feet from their bodies. The colour of the aura varies from white to pink and blue.

The white in the aura indicates energy and the pink and blue indicate that the person is extending love and compassion towards others.

Professor Baranowski explains there are five different shades of auras denoting aesthetic, spiritual, intellectual, physical and moral aspects. These can all be scientifically explained. Professor Baranowski who had studied the auras of the great saints and yogis of India had heard about Sri Sathya Sai Baba. He went to White field in India and studied the aura around Sai Baba with the help of the Kirilian camera.

He was left breathless by the aura and colours emanating from the body of Sai Baba. Large thick bands of white, pink and blue flowed out from Baba’s body. The most amazing thing was that there were thick bands of gold and silver in the aura which he had never seen in any other human being.

These rays of love and energy emanating from Baba were enveloping the massive crowd at Darshan who had come to see him.

These people were absorbing the rays of energy and love given out by Baba. His aura extended to envelope the area in one mass or cloud of pink. It was all energy in the form of love that flowed from him.

It is said that people who go to see "Sai Baba" come back with renewed energy. It is like charging ones battery.

What about the size of the aura?

It was earlier stated that saints and spiritually developed people have an aura extending up to two feet from their bodies. It is also said that Lord Buddha had an aura which enveloped an entire city.

The aura extending from Baghavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba was so huge that its margin could not be defined. The aura extended beyond the horizon.

Professor Baranowski has concluded that Baba is not a human being and that he is a divine personality.

"Sai Baba" in his own words say that we are all God. He knows that he is God, whereas we do not know that we are God, although we have the potential to be God.