Singer expands customer base in Sri Lanka

By Ifham Nizam
Singer At Home Worldwide, the new global positioning for Singer was introduced recently in Sri Lanka.

Singer chairman Hemaka Amarasuriya said that in 2002 Singer conducted a qualitative and quantitative research in seven countries - Jamaica, Sri Lanka, Thailand, India, Greece, Mexico and Bangladesh and five in sewing markets - Brazil, Germany, Italy, Japan and USA.

He said hat Singerís goal was to establish the correct brand positioning which would define Singerís global advertising stategy.

The research confirmed that Singer is largely synonymous with sewing machines. This heritage has transferred strong core values from the product to the brand such as high quality, reliability and value for money. He added: "We donít walk away from our products when itís sold but provide an efficient after-sales service."

He also said that the survey revealed that 26% of homes have a Singer product and 68% expressed their desire to purchase Singer products again.

Amarasuriya said that in Sri Lanka they have a customer base of over two million.

He also said the recent launching of Unic products has yielded very good result.