No more Kinniya-type incidents LTTE

by Norman Palihawadana
The LTTE had given an assurance that there would be no more provocative incidents of the nature of incidents that took place during the last few days in Kinniya, Trincomalee and other areas.

This assurance was given by the LTTE divisional leaders Pulilath, Viduthale and Shakthan at a discussion with the heads of the Police, Army, Muslim religious leaders, Tamil leaders and residents of Kinniya and Trincomalee areas police sources said.

The LTTE divisional leaders also took action to establish a committee consisting of Tamil and Muslim residents of the area promising that the LTTE would come forward to take into custody any Tamil youths involved in violent activities.

A joint communique also was issued by the committee and handed over to Mosques and Hindu kovils of the area to the effect that peace would be safeguarded at any cost.

This discussion held in Alankerni yesterday (02) had brought about peace in Kinniya and Trincomalee areas.

Already eight Muslims had been killed in violent incidents in these areas and even curfew had to be imposed to bring about calm in these areas, police sources said.