JVP wants SLFP to come out clear

by Shamindra Ferdinando
The JVP has publicly attacked the SLFP’s vacillating stance on the Norwegian-led peace process. And rapped its leadership for delaying a momentous political pact with them.

Addressing a series of public meetings on Tuesday, JVP leaders urged the SLFP to take a firm decision on the flawed peace process, Norway’s role here and a range of contentious issues including privatisation of Lanka’s assets and natural resources. The meetings were part of a two-week campaign to pressurise the SLFP to join a broad nationalist alliance.

Politburo member Anura Dissanayake (MP) censured the SLFP for hesitating to join the alliance. Addressing a rally at Dickwella on Tuesday, Dissanayake urged the freedom party to decide on a future course of action. “The SLFP must decide whether it wants to join Premier Ranil Wickremesinghe’s internationally backed effort to divide the country on ethnic lines. That would result in the creation of a separate state in the north-east,” the MP said. But they have a better  option, he said, emphasising the necessity to set up a broad nationalist alliance that would campaign effectively against the conspiracy.

Praising the recent take over of three ministries including defence, the MP urged President Chandrika Kumaratunga to continue with what she had set in motion. Dissanayake also attacked the President’s decision to engage in talks with the UNF. The so-called bid to form a government of national reconciliation and reconstruction would be detrimental to the national interests, he said.