Chris Patten and the Journey of the Magi

I wish to congratulate the Editor of The Island on his front page editorial on Chris Pattenís journey to the Vanni but what bothers me is whether he is too cruel in his treatment of the EU Commissioner, considering the Messianic aspect of his advent. This is the period of Advent for Christians (I mean genuine Christians and not crossbred, cross-abusing ones). We are now confronted with a new version of the familiar story of the three wise men, also known as the three kings and the Magi. While the Magi, Helgessen and Solheim are on vacation till their role in interfering in the internal politics of Sri Lanka takes effect. By this I mean; until the Prime Minister vanquishes the President and is installed as the sole leader of the people of the South. Bear in mind dear reader that the hallowed criterion of symmetry, demands that one sole leader stands eyeball to eyeball with the other on equal terms. Meanwhile, Chris Patten the third member of the Magi arrived, bringing the spurious gold of unconditional support for the peace process and conditional foreign aid perhaps, the foul-smelling incense of imperial ambitions that is designed to rise to high moral ground, and the sticky myrrh of hypocrisy required for anointing the Sri Lankan body politic, once the last rites have been performed. Our one and only Mr. Alfred J. Prufrock, the Prince of Peace in the South, will be at hand to serve as an acolyte. He will keep chanting a vulgarised version of T. S. Eliotís poem by that name,

"We have time, we have time.

We have time for murder and peace.

Time to surmise, to devise and revise

Time to talk peace and appease

We have time to vacillate

Time to Norvegetate

Bury our bomb-dead, time to

Wait and wait and wait,

Till more arms shipments arrive;

We shall wait and strive and strive.

We are told that the Magi, who came from the East, gave the slip to King Herod. His Excellency Patten, the Magus from the West, was evidently programmed to pay homage to his Majesty Herod, Prince of Peace in the North, and to persuade him not to massacre innocents but to recruit them as child soldiers instead.