Who is a Communal Animal?

I refer to the letters appearing in your opinion page of November 24, 2003, written by ‘bakee’, ‘para’, ‘kathirgaman’, ‘Vigneswaran’ and ‘A Tamil’ and also the letter written by R. Cholan appearing in your issue of November 25, 2003. I can only sympathise with these writers over their total ignorance of the ground realities here in Sri Lanka. A reply to all the questions/points raised by these gentlemen, appeared in the Midweek Review of The Island of November 19, 2003, under the heading "Case against a federal constitution for Sri Lanka". These readers are kindly advised to read this article in full, and submit their comments and observations on the matters referred to therein.

This letter is, in fact, a challenge to those writers, to refute what is stated in the aforesaid article, if they can. If they do not do so, within a reasonable period, say two weeks, then there is only one logical conclusion, the readers can arrive at, i.e. these letter writers have been enlightened by the said article and have realized the truth at last; but they do not wish to admit that their letters were erroneous, out of a sense of perverted pride (a period of two weeks to respond should be more than enough, since they responded to an Island editorial within two days). Over to you, the writers referred to above. We await your quick response to the challenge contained herein. Your silence to this challenge will result in the readers of the Island making their own conclusions, regarding the bona fides of your letters.
A true patriot