National Government to solve national crisis

The current political impasses due to Executive and Legislative differences cannot be solved without following late President Premadasaís Three Cís concept.

Every time we have noted, Opposition Party agrees with professionals the need to form a National Government and to change the executive presidency, but when they win the elections, sad to state that they forget the professionals and worship this same constitution which they said was bad.

This Constitution is a creation of the UNP and it was implemented without foresight which has led to the complications we are facing today. If the constitution is unsatisfactory, then all should get together and make the required changes to go forward. This requires working together.

ICS Sri Lanka fully supports the idea of the formation of a national government. As Members of Organization of Professional Associations of Sri Lanka, this subject has been widely discussed at the OPA and forwarded to the two governments for their implementation including, the then Opposition and the PA.

We firmly believe that the two main political parties namely UNF and PA should shed their differences at a time like this to rebuild the nation and to bring back peace to our country without breaking it up.

We at ICS do not advocate any political affiliation but for us Country comes before Self and we request all political parties to follow our motto of "Our Word Our Bond" to make a better Lanka.
Maxwell de Silva
The Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers